UFO Sighting in Buffalo, New York on September 1st 2011 – Metalic dome disc 100 feet across landed close with in 20 feet of me in parking lot.

I have reported this before and do not see my sighting posted. I am reposting this report again. This was the most incredible thing I ever saw in my life. There is to much to say to be able to post here in a few brief statements. Every time I would go to the plaza in Hamburg I would always sense something in the sky… like there was something in the sky for second and would be gone. It would be above the buildings along the plaza where we would go shopping. One day we went to eat at Applebee’s, and I decided to play a trick without anyone looking. My family went around a corner on the way to enter the building, and I jumped back out for a second and waved into the direction I thought I seen something, then went back around the corner. As I walked inside the building to get my seat, I was shocked by electric from head to toe. It almost felt like I stepped on a power cord. I went and sat in my seat next to the window overlooking the parking lot where I waved when I was outside. Then I seen a 100 foot long perfect disc come down out of the sky graceful. It was silver looking on top like reflecting the sky. I just stared at it not really thinking about what I was really looking at. It hovered then landed in the parking lot. A white beam cascaded down from the bottom. Then I started to see other vehicles come out of no where that all had different shapes, colors, and sizes flying in all different directions all at very fast speeds. I herd no sounds. It dawned on me that this was weird and what was I looking at? I thought in a second of disbelief turning my head to look if this was a reflection on the window from a TV or something. There was no TV and I snapped my head back to look again to figure out what I was seeing. Then once I was going to stand up, to take a closer look, the disc took off above the ground where it landed into a hover position. Then it darted off into the sky about a 100 feet up. The disc now had some dimension to it with little port lights all around the edges and spun in a counter clockwise motion. The faster the disc traveled the faster it spun. It travels at a super sonic speed in a shuffle like motion… staggered but fast. It traveled another 100 feet across the sky then stopped again… and then came back down to hover above the ground again. Then it changed shape with some kind of protrusion coming out from underneath it. It was all black looking like the sharp rigged edges over lapping itself. There were little port lights between each edge. The bottom part of the object looked like it had markings and designs with a silver looking horn shape on each end. It swopped up somehow to the window, at least some portion of this thing. For a few second, there was a round port light pressed up on the window. I stair at it trying to see what was in the white crystal looking light at least 5 feet across in front of me. It was like looking into a window that was lighted up on the inside but you could not see anything. It then suddenly flew straight up and was gone. Nothing more was in the parking lot in sight. This was the main disc I was watching, I felt there was more going on in the parking lot, but I did not want to take my eyes off the larger disc because I was afraid it would be gone. Somehow I felt more was going on that I could not see. These were space craft, not UFO’s from what I seen. It draws me to a lot of questions and thoughts. What is going on and what the hell was that? My reaction after that was, did I really see what I think I saw… seemed impossible if not out of this world. My daughter sitting next to me that never said a word picked up her soup bowel and flipped it upside down in the air… she was 12 years old… I said, “what did you see” She said in a very friendly voice that they were the people from space. It only verified what I seen and I did not say a word up until then. It made me feel what I seen was real and what could it have been? I did see two people walking around outside the building looking in at us after this event. I debated to go outside and look around but decided to just stay where I was for then. Just one note; There are telephone lines over that parking lot that it came down between and landed. I made note of that while watching this event. A few months later the telephone poles were cut and caused a black out in Hamburg, New York. They said they found the man that cut them down but he stated that he never cut them down. I think that there is a lot more to the story… the wind blew them down but they were all partially cut utility pole in orchard park new York jan 24 2012. It is strange to think that maybe this had something to do with the UFO/ Objects I seen in the same place?

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