UFO Sighting in Daly City, California on October 18th 2014 – i was near the Great Highway in San Francisco near Ocean Beach spotted there's very bright star light light moving very awkward like I thought north west hovering over land mass near abeach I took pictures and made video

I was at The Great Highway near Ocean Beach in San Francisco with my girlfriend and noticed something an object of glowing lights North West of ocean beach and started moving awkwardly I thought… I notice the object was headed Headed in our direction so I took two pictures and made a 35 second video…… something I never seen before In my life and it scares me, it looked Iike was controlled military? or some type of intelligence….I took 2 pictures in October I just noticed it last night ,and took a look at Them… the pics blew my mind and video… I showed the pictures and video to family members last night and they were absolutely sure that is something of a UFO technology-based something and they said I should call you guys. please call me contact me my phone number is 415 368 9471

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