UFO Sighting in Edison, New Jersey on December 18th 2014 – 3 Backlit Missile-like Objects Went Over My House Last Night

Went outside for a smoke with my uncle as I do every night at that time. Looked up(as I always do) and 3 objects came from the North to the South about at 2 second intervals right over our heads.
They appeared to be rocket-looking by the flame-like light coming out the back of them. There were misty clouds they were traveling through(in and out) and I could get a clear look at their shape which was solid and missile-like(no wings). I live near 3 major airports so I see jets all the time, at night there is a constant display of about 4-8 at any given time, these were silent and lower then the other jets in the area.
Several months ago I posted a thread on ATS about this, again it was at 10:pm sharp every night for about a week straight then it stopped. That was several months ago my user name on ATS is AnteBellum.
These were lower then those and for the first time their shapes were visible. I would like to know what they were. They looked like shooting stars but were traveling at conventional speed as compared to other jets flying overhead at other times. My uncle witnessed them also but his vision is not that great but he did see the yellow flame-like light coming out the back of these 3 objects. Will go out again tonight at 10:pm to try and get some photos.

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