UFO Sighting in Stevenson Ranch, California on December 19th 2014 – Saw circular object for about 5 seconds then blinked and it was gone.

I was heading up the hill on Carroll Ln, about to turn right onto Kiping Pl when I saw a circular object stationary in the sky. In about 5 seconds of looking at this object I voluntarily blinked to refresh my eyes because I was stunned at what I was seeing. Upon opening my eyes, the object was gone. It was not very far from me for I could make out that the top was smooth looking and the bottom was smaller with darker features. It was also in a clear patch of blue sky. For it to disappear within less than a second of my blinking eyes was surreal. No tech that has been released to the public could have moved as fast as that thing must have or cloaked. I’m curious if anyone else saw this object?

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