UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 20th 2014 – Unprecedented mass-ufo sighting prior to equinox.

On December 20, 2014, from approximately 9-9:15 p.m., the day before the equinox, on Indianapolis Indiana’s south-side, I witnessed an unprecedented (for me) mass-u.f.o. sighting. 20 (by my count) or more of alike tiara shaped u.f.o.s passed silently overhead from the east/southeast sky into the west/northwest sky in an apparent ‘string of pearls’ fashion. These inner-lit objects with graduated windows alluding to a pulsating orange-yellow glow appeared to be conciously guided through a variety of behaviors including variations in sequential quantity,speed, distance before deciding either to hover outright,ascend then hover, some simply disappearing with cloud subterfuge, and many deciding to pass directly overhead, AFTER hovering, with absolutely no sound and no vapor trails. I have seen this before, but NEVER as profusely as this time! Also, yet again, I’ve become aware of at least one black helicopter, dimly flanked toward the rear by one small light, perimeter pacing the area, giving the objects a W_I_D_E berth. I had been outside tending to a feral cat colony and the UN-characteristic behavior of the known colony members, including uncharacteristic shrieking, crying, and absolutely hyper scurrying drew my attention and fear(for the cats), to our questionable ‘guests’. The negative adrenaline reaction blends with the sense of utter astonishment.

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