UFO Sighting in Liberty Hill, Texas on November 29th 2014 – A glowing blue orb that stayed lit for a few seconds then reappeared for one more second.

I was in the back yard of my land (about five acres) with my wife and friends (nine of us total). We were roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. After eating I began to gather wood in the area to build up the fire. On one of my wood gathering sorties I stopped for a minute because I had to urinate. As I was doing this I gazed at the dark sky. I was standing about a hundred fifty feet away from the fire. I was looking to the southeast when a glowing blue orb with a flat bottom appeared in the sky about 45 degrees above the horizon. The orb was several times larger than Venus but not near as bright. It glowed a soft bluish color and looked translucent. It remained stationary and glowed for several seconds then the light blinked off. A few seconds later the light blinked on again fairly close to its previous location but a little further to the west and slightly higher in the sky. It stayed on for only about one second and then blinked off again. I did not see it again. I immediately suspected it to be a UFO because it did not resemble anything with which I was familiar. When I returned to my friends I asked them if anyone had seen the light. They had not, as I suspected, because they were seated facing to the north. I told them briefly what I saw but did not go into detail. I did tell them that I thought I saw a UFO but did not make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to appear crazy and I knew they would not believe me anyway. FYI, I was not drinking any alcohol, and rarely do. Because of the lack of any physical evidence or corroborating witness I was hesitant to make a report about this but decided that I should because it may have been observed by someone else.

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