UFO Sighting in Measham, on December 15th 2014 – Fast moving star-like light

The time was 18:14 on the 15th of December. I had gone outside to wait for my girlfriend to return home from work. I noticed that it was a clear night and that a number of stars were visible. I noticed a light in the sky and presumed that it was a satellite from the speed and way that it was moving. It was star-like but a little bigger/brighter. It seemed to travel exactly how a satellite would travel from the South West for about a minute before it came to a complete halt at, approximately, 60 degrees. The light stayed in this position, close to a star that I used for reference, for roughly fifteen minutes. During this time I managed to take a number of photographs with my smartphone.

The light then began moving again, this time quicker than before, in a different direction. I would expect a satellite to travel in a straight line i.e. from South West to North East, but the light started to move directly East from it’s position above the star. I stepped out into the street from my driveway and watched as the light quickly moved towards the horizon. From observing other satellites I expected the light to fade into the night sky but I could still observe it for a further thirty seconds or so before I lost sight of it behind woodland on the horizon.

Please see attached photographs.

[Photo 1] At this point I had noticed the light and took a photo of the star that it was heading towards as reference.

[Photo 2] The light becomes visible as it moves past the tree.

[Photo 3] The light continues moving in the same direction.

[Photo 4] The light stopped moving at this point and stayed in this position.

[Photo 5] Minutes later, the light still had not moved.

[Photo 6] The light began to move again whilst changing direction.

[Photo 7] A close up of the light as it began to move to the East.

[Photo 8] Another close up.

[Photo 9] The last photograph I managed to take before the light sped away towards the horizon.

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