UFO Sighting in Oranjestad, on December 20th 2014 – UFOs in pictures on 2 separate recent trips. Please crop the two people OUT of Taipei picture if photos are going to be made public.

The first picture was in Taipei, Taiwan (I’m American) that I was on a trip with my significant other, sister and brother in law. Did not see this at the time the photo was taken.

The Taipei one we were at the National Palace Museum, right outside of the entrance and was simply enjoying the view. Upon returning home found an unidentified flying object in picture. Picture was taken September 30th, 2014. Should be around 2 or 3 PM Taipei time.

Second picture was just last week, December 20th, 2014 while I was in Aruba with my fiancee. Took that picture right before checking out of the hotel. Wanted to capture the views one last time before we went back home. This was taken on the balcony of our hotel room. Did not see that object in any other pictures before or after that snapshot. Again, like in Taipei, did not notice anything during the time I took the picture but only after taking the picture, while reviewing photos, I saw a tiny speck in that photo on my phone. I thought it was dirt or maybe a scratch on my phone’s screen, when I could not clean that spot, I zoomed in to see something that looks like a UFO.

Only notable feelings that was out of place was the day before, I woke up really early for no particular reason, could not sleep and went out on the balcony and while looking out at the ocean, had a strange urge like the ocean/beach was calling to me so I must go out to it. Was so strange that I found it stupidly corny and even laughed out loud at the notion of “It’s calling out to me.”

It is worth mentioning because I absolutely hate the sun, heat and beach, only went to Aruba because my significant other works in the hotel industry and had 5 nights free at the hotel. I did end up going to the beach by myself as my significant other was sick and asleep, early in the morning about 7/8 am. I am usually a vain person but had such a strong urge to get out there, ended up not even doing my usual meticulous routine of skincare and make up and just went to the beach to look at the views. Nothing strange happened there but I guess it’s worthy of mention since the urge to get out there, in a way where I feel I must do it so soon, disregarding my vanity and all, was unusual particularly for me, personally.

I’m sending these photos as I’m curious as to what MUFON thinks they are and hopefully, my honest preference and hope is that they’d be disproved as UFOs and are possibly other everyday objects.

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