Alien Encounter in Sprague River, Oregon on October 22nd 2014 – burns on my arms upon wakening

This report is really a combination of three events that were close together. Before 10/20 again when these things happen I couldn’t sleep. I went outside and took a picture and this naked thing that was on the side of the house at about the same place where I found a footprint in case #54367. The image in the picture was almost naked except for what looked like a head scarf and had thick lips and a very crooked nose.

I was sleeping on the night of 10/21/14 and awoke on 10/22 with burns on both arms from my middle knuckles to about 3��������������������������� below my elbows. The burns were on top of my hands and on top of my forearms. I did nothing the day before that would have caused this. It hurt pretty bad.

On Sunday 11/09 at 10:05 I was in bed and hadn���������������������������t quite gone to sleep yet when I heard my name called.

11/12 The cuckoo clock by our bedroom door and a battery operated clock in the guest room quit operating at the same time 9:05 P.M.

This past Sunday 11/16 Ron (my husband) couldn���������������������������t sleep. He said have you heard the noises in the house. I told him that I don���������������������������t pay attention any to them any more. The house makes a hell of a racket. The kitties are on the bed and we can see them stare at particular areas. They are scared stiff. There is banging, and crashing, as if something is jumping off a table or countertop. I said to Ron ���������������������������and it is only at night���������������������������. He said ���������������������������yes��������������������������� then he checked himself and said ���������������������������when you���������������������������re gone it has happened too���������������������������. He said that ���������������������������there have been loud booms it���������������������������s as if the house is sliding off its foundation. I can���������������������������t tell where it���������������������������s coming from.��������������������������� It���������������������������s like something is tearing the whole place apart.��������������������������� I hate to be up especially at midnight to 1:00 A.M. but then again it can happen all the way until a little after 4:00 A.M. The rocking chair carries on with various noises. I purchased it in a 2nd hand store. I can hear a banging on my jewelry box, etc. This doesn���������������������������t happen all of the time though.

11/21/14 I went to bed early. The master bath is on my left side. The light turned on by itself at 9:24 P.M.

I am enclosing a photo of the naked person and a sketch of what I see on the photo using my program and taking down the midtones and blowing it up.

I’m throwing in an extra photo when I panned the area. I don’t know what the red in the area is or the four white dots.

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