UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on July 10th 2014 – morphing 3 orbs in to blimp like

I have see this object about 2 times one with my mother in which I think it was 2011 and once again in july in 2014.
My first sighting was around 230 am i was in my balcony, which over looks the neighborhood when I saw a single orb, basketball sized appear about 8 feet off the ground 3 house’s down. It then started to move slowly threw some trees, following the path of some fences. The object would go in and out of sight covered by vegetation (it had a light but it would not light up any thing around it) it reached the last house which was only separated me and it by an ally about 15 feet wide. It lowered it self below a 5 foot fence only to emerge now being 3 orbs in a triangle formation now only less then 20 feet away, my mother joined me at this point to see it as it moved between some branches in a tree and dispersed. The second time was in july 2014 which actually had a string of events. The sighting happened exactly at 3:36 as me and my girl friend slept we where awaken by a feeling of being watched as we looked out a window my girl friend first saw an orb backing up about 40 or so once i had sight of the object i saw was seemed to be a blimp like object. it only resembled it in shape about 4 feet long it hovered at about 20 feet off the ground and moved west. It appearance was a translucent orange, salmon color at what appeared to be the bottom-front of the object was an inner sphere which was a yellow hue yet still slightly translucent the object just moved along and closed the window and went to sleep.
This was followed by a few stuff till now at one point a had an inner voice tell me while in sleep dont be scared its okay i awoke to tell my gf just that and and while saying that my laptop turned on by its self.
my gf experienced lights out side her window followed by a low pressure which made all her blinds fall. I will occasionally wake up to an emanating light in to my room, lighting up my wall, i will then see this and the light immediately goes away.
my mom had also seen the lights from our balcony once before and my aunt was scared by bouncing lights in the hood of her car years earlier. i would willingly submit sketches up on request, i just have never made any yet.

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