UFO Sighting in New Albany, Indiana on December 22nd 2014 – Bright light first sighted about 2 miles away. Appeared to be hovering or moving slowily.

Heading home from work about 5:30pm on I-265 heading West. About two miles from where it connect with I-64,as I was approaching the interchange, saw a bright light hovering or moving slowly in the distance. Although it was beginning to get dark, there was plenty of late, bright sunshine. The only clouds were much higher than the object. The object had a luminous trail behind it of about 20-50 feet. When it eventually passed thru some small clouds I could still see the light it generated.
As I began heading North up I-64 the object moved toward Edwardsville. I was driving 45-50 mph and it was parallel to me. It then slowed down and started moving towards Georgetown. I took a back road to try and get under it for a better view. When I did so I could faintly see some kind of structure with the aura/glow coming from behind it. Then, it started to fade as it approached Georgetown proper.. In 20-30 seconds it gradually faded to nothing, while still moving. At the same time I heard sirens. I entered onto SR 62 and first responder vehicles were arriving from both directions and shut down the road. Twice I saw a first responder run across the road, up an embankment and went into the area of an abandoned golf course. To me, they were looking for something. Finally, my car and two before me were allowed to continue. What was surprising to me, was that the vehicles looked like fire trucks, but were move like large, all-terrain vehicles. Also, when I passed this pass-thru area there was no auto accident scene, no sign of fire, nor injured parties. Also no ambulance or stretchers. No police were there. This was just a few minutes. After the object slowly disappeared/faded out.

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