UFOs Filmed Over Athens, Greece | VIDEO

UFOs Over Athens, Greece 12-21-14

By mythos2004

    Unidentified Flying Objects over Glyfada, at 18:30 in the afternoon of 21 December 2014. I’m not saying it’s aliens, etc. As the saying phrase UFO itself: I simply can not identify the specific flying objects. If someone knows something, tell us.

Precludes the case “lanterns flame” that lenient someone from my apartment building, and the speed and height and their brilliance is inconsistent with that.

The video captures about 10 of them, but was preceded by about as many or maybe more. The “effect” lasted about 10 to 15 minute short breaks in between and “groups” of bright ball balls numbered 3-6
Prefer image quality 1080 and full screen.

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