Alien Encounter in Colorado Springs, Colorado on July 5th 2011 – Found burned glyph symbol next morning on right hip, covered with clear sticky residue, forced me to remember


Had a good night. Was drinking but not enough to alter judgement. Went to bed and woke up next morning to my home health aide (I’m wheelchair bound). Noticed odd hieroglyphic-like branded symbol on my right hip. It was clearly a character or symbol, hotter to touch, took 3 weeks to scab and heal. Symbol had 1 vertical line on left, 3 parallel stacked lines in middle along with stray markings below, and 3 dots vertically stacked on right in line. At first my aide mentioned it and I figured it was nothing until I saw it in a mirror. It was shockingly unnatural and I felt a deep conviction it was made by intelligent design. Upon seeing it, I wracked my brains to try and link the previous night’s activities with the mark���������nothing could’ve produced it, especially in its location. All of a sudden in the shower it hit me. A ‘dream’ from the previous night. I remembered being in a bright room or area, feeling very calm and not scared – this was induced and I was artificially numb to what I was encountering. An entity proceeded to ask me questions about my spinal cord injury. I am a C6 quadriplegic complete. No had function, chest down paralysis etc. I could not make out a visual of any being. I was asked specifically about my hands, fingers, and arms. Why were they as such? What was done to try and fix me? Why was one side stronger etc? I answered without hesitation���������I was very psychologically level. Then I felt pain, looked at my right hand���������all fingers were straight and spread. This isn’t possible without lengthy splinting. Next my left hand and fingers did the same thing. This hurt but it was good to see all the same. The entities seemed not to understand why I remained paralyzed, and I got the impression they were surprised/upset/confused as to what I can only guess they perceived to be primitive medical tech. This is all I remember from the dream���������but had I not seen the mark on my skin I would never have recalled anything.

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