Black Triangle Sighting in Wichita, Kansas on June 17th 1983 – myself &girl friend both parents saw enormous triangle emitting a electical buzz . trees bent out of way. they drug her inside i walked for 3 min,it toookoff faster than a bullet. i saw details on bottom surface

it was 10 or close , my girlfriend and myself were leaning on the car. I asked if she could feel a buzz in the air ,she said yes . as soon as we noticed that the trees were making a cracking sound something like being bent by stress. I started to look for the sound then she starts screaming and crawling towards her house , parents came out ,because of her screaming. both of the had seen it ,drug her to the house and was yelling at me to come now. I was close to the corner by then witch was 4 homes away. I could see that it was longer than the whole block. silent except for the buzz. traveling at walking speed for 2 to 3 more blocks. I was yelling at it and thrown a rock up at it. I was shocked wen it didn’t hit it and came back down faster than I threw it , no contact. it was a dull dark grey/black with what looked like a intricate computer board pattern. three red lights at each corner lit up , it was moving at walking speed the accelerated out of sight faster than I could slap my hands together. it was heading straight towards our air force base. I call them to report the incident the dispatcher said 6 other reports had been made. I was contacted by a person from Washington state said his name was sargent Patterson. I was informed to draw a picture of the craft with details and time as well size shape and markings. he made it clear that it wasn’t ours on manovurs and to not speak of it to anyone. I lived about a five min drive from their house my mother called to check on me when I left and I went straight home, just to find out I had been gone for 45min. I don’t recall anytime missing or events. I did drive straight home very fast , so I thought. to this day her parents wont speak to me about it and my ex is still so afraid to recall it accept to say yes she was so scared. I have had many other incidents that have been ongoing to this day . many other shapes and sizes , my children have witnessed many of them with me. I have detailed , what could only explain as engineering blueprints as a result of that on particular happening. I drew them up and took them to our Wichita st. university aerospace professor , he said “we do not teach anything anything like this if you are correct I need to speak with environmental ,as well as the biological study professors. I did they all seemed to know I was bothered by this . All told me thers nothing like what im describing offerd as classes , I should write a book on my ideas and submit them”, I took it as if they thought I was a little crazy. to this day it is burnt into my mind like some sort of plan for my to act on . I don’t know why ive decided to share with you at this time except the overwhelming desire to not feel so alone in ,what it seems like a strong desire to finaly see , and feel like these patterns are being witnessed by anyone else. its around us all in everyday life , and in my personal opinion so simple why are not creating this. im sorry, it seem so vague , but to start explain that part would be not apart of the detailed description of the ufo ,more of an after affect. I have so much mre to share , if this peaks your interest I would love to show and share this with the people who are in the particular fields of interest . thank you for being here ,if it wasn’t for my daughter and son pushing me I probably wouldn’t have taken this step. p.s. my entire family has been witness to ,what we can only describe as a small pale person who happens to have the ability to move in and out of one space into another , it has happened only a few times but they were all in the same room when that occurred. this was many years after the original event happened.There’s about thirty years of this kind of thing to share. I would love to finally get it out. Thanks for being here for me to share my experiences .

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