UFO Sighting in Cupertino, California on December 24th 2014 – I saw a strange blueish pulsating light in the sky last night (December 23rd) to the southwest. I watched it move left and right then hover before it disappeared. Tonight I saw the same looking light but to the south. It's still in the sky moving now.

I saw a bizarre light in the night sky last night (December 23rd) to the southwest of Cupertino, CA. It was definitely not a plane or a star because it was moving left and right, up and down, much like a dragon fly. I watched for probably close to an hour then decided it must be the reflection from a search light. Then I saw it again tonight in a different place, to the direct south of my location. I witnessed it change shapes, and pulsate with different colors (blue, white, orange and redish). I am totally amazed, I tried to take pictures but it was with the camera on my phone so it didn’t turn out that well. I’m curious if anyone else reported a ufo in the San Jose area last night or tonight? I’m at a loss for words!

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