UFO Sighting in Ruthin, Wales on December 23rd 2014 – I saw three lights in the sky, two white and a central yellow/red big dipper that seemed to drive all the lights away. From my viewpoint the lights were above the Clwydian Hills to my west.it all happened at about 10.05pm.

Last night I was sat up in bed doing my usual sudokus. It was just five past ten and a dark night. In front and to the left of where we sleep is a window. It is about 5 feet above floor level and measures about five feet across by one foot up and down. I looked up from my puzzle to think. My eyes were attracted to a couple of lights through the window. They were both whiteish and for a second I thought they were stars. But they were far too bright and too big to be stars. The one on the left was the largest and brightest and was several times the size and brightness of a star. It was even a few times the size of Venus in the sky. The one on the right was a little smaller and dimmer and appeared to be a fraction lower in the sky. The lights did not seem to move at all. By thinking about the position of these lights within the frame of the window, I estimated that these lights were almost exactly west of where I was sitting. After just two or three seconds a third light appeared. It was slightly closer to the left of the brighter light. This third one moved. It seemed to move away from my position, a little to the right in a big dipper sort of movement, starting to go a little down then scoop upwards. It was two coloured. The central part was yellow and the edges were red. It went through my mind that it was a sort of flame pushing this third light away. Within two seconds all the lights went out. That was it. I spent much of the night looking, but to no avail. My wife also saw the lights as I pointed them out to her. Her story mirrors mine.

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