UFO Sighting in Spring, Texas on December 24th 2014 – Orange red sparkeling orbs flying in from south meeting with others hovering then slowly disapeared while hovering

Sitting at my office desk looking out the back door window, which is next to desk, noticed red/orange fireballs (looked like a kettle fire) flying at a constant speed towards my home at about 600 to 800 ft. high at about 100 mph. I went outside looked more closely, noticed there were two flying horizontal to the ground making no sound and slowing to a halt in the sky, meeting with two others that were already waiting. Then I went out onto my driveway (in front of my home for a better view) with my wife and son and observed them as two more approached and hovered in formation with the other four that I could see through the tree tops. They were turning down the flame that Formed a “V” shape, flaming up from the bottom of the craft going upwards covering the craft while hovering, no sound, until they disappeared against the clear night sky. This all happened in about 8 to 10 minutes at about 7:30 PM. I live at the edge of the forest and have seen them many times landing in the woods or flying over. Since 2010, counting this sighting, it makes 9 sightings. One of these was of the third kind, seeing the sphere land and its occupant with witness. All but two sightings, I had a witness.

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