Aerosmith’s Joe Perry discusses Roswell, UFOs

Episode 616 of the popular Nerdist Podcast features an interview with legendary guitar player Joe Perry. He sat down with host Chris Hardwick to discuss the book he released in mid-2014, ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith. But Perry and Hardwick also briefly discussed Roswell, New Mexico and UFOs.

Joe Perry's new book. (Credit: Simon & Schuster)

Joe Perry’s new book. (Credit: Simon & Schuster)

The subject of UFOs comes up when Perry is commenting on how he loves being on the road with his family in his tour bus, which gives him the freedom to go anywhere he wants. To illustrate, he uses the example of Roswell. “Roswell is one of those places that’s out in the middle of nowhere,” he explains. Perry continues, “It’s not really on the way to anywhere. It’s not a destination, and it’s not on the way to a destination. It literally took us eight hours out of our way.” But he explains that he really wanted to see Roswell because he is “really into that kind of stuff.”

Joe Perry's tour bus. (Credit:

Joe Perry’s tour bus. (Credit:

He also describes that, early in his relationship, finding and watching VHS tapes of UFO sightings was a hobby he and his wife enjoyed together.

Hardwick asks Perry if he has ever seen a UFO. He responds:

We had a place up in New Hampshire out on the lake . . . and I think it’s August there’s usually a lot of meteor showers. And we’ll go out and sit on the boat and watch, because the stars are amazing up there, and watch for meteors. And every once in a while you’ll see something that’s not moving the way it should. And you can convince yourself. You know, hey, a UFO is basically an unidentified flying object. So there are a lot of things that qualify for that. It doesn’t mean it’s a spaceship. It’s just unidentified. You know what I mean? So, like I said, you could convince yourself that it’s something. But I reall haven’t really seen anything.

But he goes on to say, “But I gotta believe that they’re out there.”

In his final comment about the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials, Perry states, “Until I really see something, I really can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but I’ve got an open mind about it.”

Here is the full interview with Joe Perry on the Nerdist Podcast:

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