Black Triangle Sighting in Gastonia, North Carolina on December 26th 2014 – Triangle. Low and slow. Big as a jet, way too slow.

Saw a large Triangle with what looked like a rounded center with a bunch of white lights Had red lights at the end of the “Wings” if you want to call them that. Way too swept back for a jet. Triangular in shape. About 500 feet up going maybe 50mph or less. Passed very slow and very low with almost no sound. What sound there was followed behind it and was very faint. You would expect the sound to follow behind a jet at high speed but this thing was creeping along. Flew right over the top of my house. I was in the yard watching it come in for about 2 minutes because it was so huge and low but I heard nothing as it flew over the top of me I could start to hear the sound behind it. Sounded a good quarter mile off and was very faint. I have lived near and around airports for most of my life and no jet can go that slow and be that quiet. This thing was big and quiet. Freaky. My son who is 25 and my 18 yr old niece also saw it for what its worth.

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