UFO Sighting in Clark, New Jersey on December 25th 2014 – It was Christmas Eve/Christmas day 12:01 am, I was on my way to conveniance stoor when I saw something bizzare I stopped my vehicle immediately and pulled out my phone and video taped the object.

I was in my car and at the intersection of Raritan Road and Lake Avenue. I made a left turn and saw something incredible. I jumped out of my vehicle and started video taping about a minute after I saw it. It came above the tree line of Oak Ridge Golf course and hovered on a straight flight path NE before changing direction to NW. The object was a stark white disc/orb on the top. that had a red/orange glowing on the bottom. It was almost like a diamond/square when you put both the glowing bottom and disc/orb top together. I was feeling adrenaline as I have a flight path for commercial jetliners mear my house from (Newark International Airport) I was always looking to see if I could find something weird. This was now where near the normal Air Lane and it was quite low and moved very slowly and deliberately NE. It then made a hook NW and disappeared quickly into the dark night. I am at work today 12/26 while writing this I will upload the video later.

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