UFO Sighting in Salem, Utah on December 28th 2014 – 3 object heading south abruptly 90 degree turn to east cimbed mountain

Was outside using snow thrower, saw three objects heading south, abruptly turned 90 degrees to east, heading my direction from eagle ridge/Payson. they were slow moving and when almost overhead climbed into clouds to clear mountains. had shut off my machine and there was no noise at all. my elevation is about 6500 feet and the clouds were below the top of the mountains, probably about 7500 feet max, mountain is 8700 feet. the time was 7:10PM mountain standard time. There was only a steady orange light, no flashing red , green or white lights associated with aircraft and orange lights were soft, not glaring as landing lights would be. I lost sight when they climbed through the clouds. The reason I first noticed then was the soft glow and the turn in unison, and as it got closer no other lights required by FAA regulations, and if aircraft landing light would have been heading southerly direction, and brightness and color remained constant in both directions

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