Black Triangle Sighting in Johnson City, Texas on May 31st 2010 – Very dull silver/black triangle hovered for about 5 minutes. It made no sound. Then it slowly faded or cloaked. One second it was there then it was gone.

On or around June 2010, between 4 and 5 PM, I was in my backyard working in my garden. My husband, who is now my ex, was outside gathering dead tree limbs. I don’t really know what made me look up in the northern sky, but there it was in broad daylight. A large triangular shaped object. It was a very dull silver/black color. It made no sound and was hovering. There was no heat or visible lights, or windows. As I stood there staring at it, my ex asked “what are you looking at a UFO?” I was afraid of what his reaction would be had I told him the truth, so I said “no”. As I continued to look up it slowly “cloaked” for lack of a better description. I never saw it move. I never heard a sound. But it disappeared from sight as it slowly became invisible. I was not afraid of what I saw. I felt very curious. I wondered if it was something experimental from the US Air Force as there are several bases close to Blanco County Texas (I.e. San Antonio and Killeen). I have kept quiet about this for 4 years, afraid of what people would think. Most people think you are crazy when you see a UFO, let alone a triangular shape UFO that hovered, made no sound, and then slowly faded from sight without movement.

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