UFO Sighting in Boynton Beach, Florida on December 30th 2014 – Military transport plane was "played with" by the UFO

Military transport plane was traveling from the NNE to SSE at about 16:30 in West Palm Beach County. Myself, Wife and Son looked up at the sky just after exiting a building and saw the Military plane with two con-trails followed by a weird looking object for what I believed was a ball with no lights. All the sudden the object sped up to go as fast as the plane. At this point I got a better look at it and could tell it was an oval silvery object with absolutely no exhaust. It then sped off leaving the military plane behind very very quickly.

I’m a soldier of two enlistment in the Army National Guard and have seen different types of weaponry being used and never saw anything like this.

My Wife tried to dismiss it or didn’t want to talk about it.

We lost sight of the objects due to buildings and trees.

I will provide a sketch ASAP.

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