UFO Sighting in Naramata, British Columbia on December 30th 2014 – A large round light sat stationary for 1 minute, then began moving across sky and disappeared from view.

I was working at the computer for several hours. Finished my job and took a break, looking out the windows at Okanagan Lake, with moon above, and this very unusual large light beneath it. The sky was almost cloudless, with a patch of cloud crossing the moon. The object was in cloudless sky. The light reflected on the lake was quite bright. (And it’s a very cold night here.) I noticed the object immediately. I was aware of no planets that should/could have been in that position, so it seemed odd enough for me to grab the camera.

It was a large round light, sitting stationary below the moon and well above the horizon. I watched it for about 1 minute, completely still/hovering, then went to get camera. I moved out onto the patio off the adjoining room (to south) and began taking pictures. As soon as I began taking photos, the object began moving rapidly due south. The speed seemed faster than an commercial jet, but no more than twice as fast. More like 75% faster.

The light appeared to become smaller as soon as it began moving, but the size and shape didn’t change thereafter as it moved. It moved due south along the lakeshore above Summerland, in the direction of Penticton, where there’s an airport, then went out of sight. It did not descend.

The object appeared round the entire time, but in the last frame photo it looks different — elongated and with two smaller lights, one on either end. I had zoomed the camera at that point, too, which probably accounts for the shape change.

In the first photo the moon looks quite full, but it’s not��� just �� half full tonight. So the camera seems to have made the images look rounder than they were.

I conclude this was a “UFO” because of the large size and length of time while hovering, then the rapid movement and simultaneous decrease in size. No airplane, helicopter or satellite could do that, to my knowledge.

The photo name for UFO 003.jpg is a different naming convention than the others because I saved a copy, turning it 90 degrees for my viewing.. But I’m sending you the original instead. The others I re-named so I could view them all together on an .html page on my desktop.

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