UFO Sighting in New York, New York on December 30th 1989 – Pulsating object started out large and gradually shifted upwards and smaller. Mistaken for plane at first but it sat still for 20 minutes.

Was close and mistaken for a plane (i live near an airport) but it sat for 20 minutes until I realized something wasnt right. I looked back out the window and I saw it sitting but higher and slightly smaller. Woke up my boyfriend and he confirmed I was not crazy, we both watched it erratically shift up anr over, and left then right, then up again. All the while pulsating a red and blue light in what seemed to look like moving in a circle. Watched it until it became cloudy and lost sight of it. The size grew smaller as it flew further away, I’d say I saw it fly low (I mistook it for a plane) until I saw it sitting at 75% smaller than originally seen for 20 minutes, and gradually and erratically flew away until It was out of sight (cloudy) in 20 minutes.

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