Be careful what you wish for.

I returned to this site just the other day after two years and I’m already starting to feel the paranoia kicking in again. I looked outside my window last night in that very intense state of mind I was in and saw a u.f.o emerge for about half second or so and immediately fly off in the distance. It was terrifying and reminded me why I came back to this forum. My warning: STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM or you risk putting yourself in jeopardy.

If you’re just like me just a regular guy living his life don’t spend your time trying to understand what these things are. I am just as fascinated by these things as the next guy but believe me, I’ve accumulated enough information to reasonably say that we are not ready for contact yet, probably not for another thousand years or so. These beings are millions of years more evolved, millions of times more intelligent. Contact with them would be similar to us having a conversation with a cockroach. I have a hunch that as we begin to merge with A.I. in the next century or so, like Ray Kurzweil predicts in Transcendent Man, then they will surely begin to reveal themselves to us. Which would help to explain why they’ve been so active around us for the last century. ‘They’ are very aware of our development. We are still a very young species and are only just now beginning to realize the aliens as part of our awareness in the universe.

Do yourselves a favor. Walk your path in life but don’t waste it. We’re not ready yet.

I hope I’ve made myself clear to those especially who are obsessed with them. You are all highly intelligent and very special people.

From my experience. Take care.

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