UFO Sighting in West Warwick, Rhode Island on May 11th 1985 – It was round, almost flat (like a quarter) with what appeared to be windows all around it's edge. It was metalic, it was impossibly fast, it was HUGE!

Please be advised that I do not remember the exact date. But this event was reported. The police came. 3 Army helicopters appeared. And me and my son were both questioned and taped by an official investigator within that week. There were other sightings in Rhode Island that week that were also in the local paper.
I was outside in my back yard with my two children. Son(5)daughter(3). I was swinging them on the swing set when I first noticed the object. It was quite far in the distance, just a black dot. (planes flew over our house often, so at first I thought nothing of it. But what caught my attention was how it suddenly moved way off to the side at a strange angle. But it still kept coming closer in my direction. I continued watching and realized then…this was unidentifiable. It moved like nothing we have here, and as it got closer I realized just how *huge* it was. Bigger then 2 football fields. It was massive. It appeared to have what I think was windows all around its circular edge. It was round,rather flat shaped with a very, very slight dome shape on top. It’s speed at that time was consistent and not too fast. I could see it perfectly. As did my children. I’m not good with distance but I would say it came within a 1/2 mile to us. It moved impossibly amazing. It dipped at an angle and changed direction. It flew into the cloud and back out. Flew ‘around’ the cloud and at an angle back towards us. It hovered. It went up/down/sideways. It reflected the sun on it’s top/bottom as it moved. It almost appeared to be giving a show! I was screaming for my neighbors to come out. But “strangely” I was not fearful at all. I was beside myself with excitement actually! I did not want to move or go to get anyone because I didn’t want to miss any of what I was seeing. The object kept up the display above me for about 10 full minutes when suddenly I heard helicopters. Three green(Army) helicopters came into view from my left. The object dipped and dove down at an angle and then up to the right in the blink of a second______it was Gone!!
I ran into the house and called the police- because I didn’t know what else to do. I then went back outside and the Army copters were still flying (back and forth). They saw it. I am certain of this. The police came and I reported what I had seen. The officers took it comically and I was angered by them. They also went around and questioned the neighbors. At this point- and I have no idea if this is even relevant- (but it sure was to me),The old woman who lived in back of me, (our yards were back to back separated by a stone wall)she came out and called me over wanting to know what was happening. I just told her I had called because I saw something strange in the sky. She then looked at me and said * Oh’ you mean about all those colored lights in the yard last night?!”* I went numb. This woman knew everything that went on. I said “WHAT Colored Lights?” She then said that [the lights woke her and she went to her back door and there were all these colored lights moving over the back yard. She went and woke her husband who saw them too. They opened the door to go out but the lights suddenly were gone.]I called one of the officers over to take her statement too! __ About a week later I was visited by a gentlemen from the Rhode Island Institute of paranormal and UFO Investigations. He audio taped my account and my Sons account seperately. (my daughter was too young). He also had us draw pictures for him.
This account was reported and documented. There were also other sightings within that week that were reported and in the local paper. One of them which happen only 3 days from mine in which two young men in Exeter had an object come down extremely close to them in their truck. It (melted) the Fog lights on the truck.

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