Black Triangle Sighting in Ferndale, Washington on December 31st 2014 – Triangular red hovering lights disappear

Backyard to let dog out. Clear & cold with bright moon. Looked at moon and then saw two red lights and one white light in a triangular pattern lower left of moon. I live near an airport so at first I thought nothing of it but then I noticed the lights weren’t moving. I do not know how long they were there before I noticed them, but I observed for about 15 seconds and then they just disappeared. I stood there for another 5 minutes thinking if it was a plane the lights would come back on but they did not return. There were no clouds or fog and I could see stars all around where the object had been. There was no sound.A part of me wants to dismiss as a plane but the way it just stayed in one place and then vanished was so astonishing to be believable.

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