UFO Sighting in Carmel, California on December 29th 2014 – Big fireball like object flew down central coast

My brother and I were sky watching on the 29th. Our vantage point was looking to the south coast from the Big Sur mountains. I happened to look up and see a huge glowing fireball like object streaking down across the sky. We both saw it for about 10 seconds. It was a green/blueish white light, we watched it go all the way down the coast and out of sight. It looked different from other shooting stars/ fireballs we’ve seen here. I couldn’t see any tail coming off of it. I saw another case reported it here on MUFON the same night in CA: case number 62239. It was almost definitely the same object the other people saw. I also thought it might crash or we would see a flash of light or something. But it just disappeared to the south. It seemed it was descending but not straight down like the other report saw. It seemed to be very slowly coming down or even staying level. Could not get the camera out intime to get a pic. We dont know what it was, it was quite a sight to see though. And we see many strange things in the sky here and this was a new one. We also see strange flashes of light and orbs here regularly. I have also filed one report on here regarding some of the orbs with photographic evidence a couple years ago.

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