UFO Sighting in Puente Quemado, Sonora on January 1st 2015 – Multiple lights descended, glowing and suddenly gone.

It’s new year, I heard and ambulance so we went out then we so a light, we though it was an airplane but then it was coming close to us, then we so another one, it was glowing orange/yellow/red and sometimes pulsing. Movin slow, like if it could see us. I took a video and the first one suddenly disappeared. The other one was closer, it seems like to have an aura, then the glowing stopped. We saw more than 20. They were landing and glowing. An helicopter came with a light “searching” for something (weird). I proyected light to one of them with my cellphone, it stopped and slowly disappeared. We so then with glasses to see things closer, they all had the same form and color. I felt like if they knew I was there watching. At first I was scared, but then I wanted to see more and contact them. After 1 hour or more I just went back home.

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