UFO's? Orbs?

Between the hours of 8 – 10 pm on a weekday (as I recall), and I was standing out the front of my house with my father and his girlfriend. We were all doing some quick stargazing with some newly purchased astronomy binoculars, talking outside for about 10 minutes whilst scanning the night sky. It was then to my amazement that I caught two fast moving orbs (that at first resembled stars) ascending upwards from behind a large warehouse on the opposite side of the street. They were definitely moving, and made no audible sounds, they had also caught my attention without the use of my binoculars. Luckily my father’s girlfriend also witnessed these orbs, and confirmed her sighting and experience with both of us, as my father had missed them.

They appeared to be solid white orbs with blue tinged edges(?). They looked very much like large stars, but they visibly ascended upwards from behind a warehouse and once pointed out after roughly 5 seconds of moving upwards, disappeared within a few seconds. This may leave room to suggest that they were conscious of my thoughts and actions in pointing them out, or recognized that they were being observed.

It was very interesting to say the least, because in addition to this sighting, a few seconds after they disintegrated, a huge comet, or some junk flew past all of our eyes, in a very obscure place, and at a very strange time. We were all amazed at how beautiful it was, and how huge it was.

After this experience, I have caught glimpses of many other orbs (possibly UFO’s, or possibly even the manifestations of angels/demons?) above Newcastle’s (Australia) city sky-scape. Amongst the list of my sightings, I have observed stars that seemingly jolt around the night sky and find other places in the sky to become stationary, these do not look or feel like visual hallucinations or delusions either, as they too have been witnessed by others. What I’ve noticed is that these orbs, entities, beings, or crafts can fade in and out of the material reality/dimension (I’m not sure all sightings have, but rather disappeared into the distance), so is it possible they’re dimensional beings that can dematerialize at will, or possibly even beings that hold messages from the spirit realm, that can be deciphered symbolically, and metaphorically?

I haven’t tried communicating with them, but there is something eerie about them once sighted, although they’re aware of me observing them, and usually choose to hide, because my sightings don’t usually last very long, but when they do, I also feel as though I’m stuck in a trance watching them fly past, and they’re usually quite high, so it’s hard to get photos with my low quality Nokia phone camera.

These are questions that have been on my mind since my experiences and sightings, as they do certainly not look or move in human craft like ways (drone, satellite, helicopter, plane, etc) as they make no sounds nor blink/flash lights, they look very much like moving stars, but they sometimes appear to be more of an orange color. They do not look like any natural phenomenon I’ve witnessed or read about before either.

I’ve seen roughly 5/7 of these things now. I’m happy to accept they’re human if it comes to that, but they certainly do not look human, and can’t be from my own experiences. I actually saw one emerge last night too. This may sound very strange. Fireworks were going off over my cities harbor for new years celebration, and I thought to myself in skepticism, and even jokingly, ”Something will have to come forth and scan the area. Something will need to observe what’s going on”… To my surprise after scanning the sky after that, on the opposite side of the city I noticed a small orb flying at a very high altitude. I will say orb because it did not blink, and made no audible sounds (the fireworks had slowed down during this period of my sighting).

I am apparently not the only person to see a ”UFO” over my city, seemingly this area seems to be a hotspot for these weird things. I still wonder if they’re human, but they can’t be. I wonder if it has something to do with coal, the water, the people, or possibly even the airbase?

Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas as to what I’m seeing? Has anyone else seen these things? It would be very much appreciated if I had some responses. Thank you.

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