Orbs In The Sky Over The Eastern US on 12/21/14

I took this from my latest blog post about the UFO reports in the US during 12/21/14 – 12/31/14.
The Enigma

In the early evening at around 5:03 PM a witness in CT reported seeing fireball looking objects heading toward the SW. An hour later in that direction (200 miles SW of NJ) a witness took a video of numerous fireball-type objects that did not appear to be connected or flying together. A witness snapped a picture of the same looking objects in PA during the same day. Then half an hour later, at 6:30 PM, a witness in FL claims seeing numerous glowing objects flying together then pairing off into threes to the west.

12/21/14/ 5:03PM
Shape: Fireball
Duration:10 minutes
“Two fireball-looking objects flying side-by-side in a south-western direction. One of the fireballs emitted what appeared to be droplets of fire from my vantage point. The balls were not connected to each other as they weaved in an out relative to each other.”

2014-12-21 12:00AM
“Slow and low flying moving flickering lights unidentified objects. One by one they slowly just melted away and the more followed. Counted about 35 plus.”

Note : It is my opinion that this picture (above) was taken later than 12:00AM or around 6:00 PM due to the light on the horizion. It could be a result of light pollution from a nearby city. Even if that’s the case it’s a great photo.

2014-12-21 6:06PM
“while driving south on Haddon ave in pennsauken nj I noticed an unusual group of lights in the sky. My wife and daughter were also present. When I came to a stop light I decided to video as this was not normal and have never seen anything like it. When the light turned green I pulled into a gas station and exited the car but could only see 1 remaining objects use to tree obstruction . They were very low to the ground and looked exactly alike.”

I would click the youtube logo to see this in full screen at the site to see the detail a bit better.

12-21-2014/ 6:50PM
“I was looking toward the east as I finished my cigarette and I saw a big group of like 9 to 12 glowing orbits in the sky moving west. As they moved they began to separate in groups of 3 forming into triangles after a couple of minutes they were gone”

Crazy huh?
There’s Something Out There. Spread the Word.

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