UFO Sighting in Lincoln, Maine on July 31st 2014 – Observed a shiny, mettalic like object hovering in the sky

I was on my out from my camp road, driving down a rural street to the main road intersection. Just 100′ from turning onto the main road, I noticed what appeared to be a very bright star in the sky to the NW. It was around 4pm in the summertime and so a star that bright and that large should not have been visible at this time of day. It was stationary in the sky and I could see exhaust trails behind it from 2 commercial jets crossing paths far behind this object. I took out my binoculars for a closer look and what I saw amazed me. The object was very shiny and I believe it was reflecting the sun. From my view, it appeared to be about 5/8″ long and was shaped like an elongated football on end. It never moved, or changed in anyway all the time I observed it. I watched it for about 10 minutes until some clouds finally obscured it from my sight. I then left the area.

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