UFO Sighting in Morgan Hill, California on January 1st 2015 – red copperish colored firey object in the sky hovered for a bit then ascended up extremely quick then dissapeared

Seen the light in the sky and realized it wasn’t any plane or copter I’d ever seen before. It was glowing reddish copperish colors it was like a fire ball. It hoverd for an bit then I don’t know if its me being wierd but I felt like they knew I had seen them and then it started its ascent. It ascended extremely fast! Faster than any jet or chopper I’d seen! It ascended at a 90�� angle in the north east direction. I don’t know what a saw but it wasn’t anything I’ve observerd in the sky before. The speed and the heighth that thing traveled was mind blowing. In 2 sec it ascended and it was gone as if it traveled out into space! Man freaking crazy!

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