"Huge Glowing Object Over Glasgow…" Tweets Kick Ass Creator Mark Millar

Mark Millar

Kick Ass creator Mark Millar sees UFO-type object

By www.scotsman.com

      Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar took to Twitter to report a strange sight in the Glasgow sky over New Year.

The cult Scots writer, who also dreamed up ‘Wanted’ and ‘Secret Service’, told of the his bizarre sighting on the social network in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He wrote: “I know this sounds mental, but did anybody else see that huge glowing object over Glasgow last night around 1am? Only 1 mention online.

“We thought it was a firework at first but it never exploded & and just moved from South to North of city over 60 seconds.

“The weird thing was it looked like a wingless plane flying sideways, a wide tube. Like a rolling pin. We all watched open-mouthed.

“This wasn’t a lantern. It went from Ayrshire to Campsies (about 40 miles) in 60 secs. Passed right over us & we ran to other side of house. . . .

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