UFO Sighting in Brooklyn, Connecticut on January 2nd 2015 – Driving down my road, thought it was a low or huge star… Kept driving, and it kept getting bigger then I realized it was moving. It completely had me in a trance and I realized I had passed my house a mile ago.

On my way home from getting a coffee at mcdonalds because I couldn’t fall back sleep. I initially thought it was a star, I live in a pretty rural area, and the light it was giving off was impossible not to notice. It seemed to be in one spot then I noticed it move a little to my right so I kept staring and driving and it kept getting closer. I tried to take a pic but it was impossible while driving and I didn’t want to lose it. Once I realized I had passed my house I started to get nervous as it’s size was becoming more apparent that it was closer. I felt in a trance. I was excited and scared and finally something in me snapped and I turned around and went home. I couldn’t see if it had moved or not.

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