UFO Sighting in Clinton, Utah on January 2nd 2015 – A bright orange star like object appeared then vanished.

I was standing on my back porch, looking directly west, when to my left, at approximately 75 degrees elevation, directly to my southwest, I saw a bright orange star-like object in the sky. The object appeared to be traveling at a very slow rate of speed in a directly northern direction. After watching it for a few moment to see if it was an aircraft, looking for blinking red or white lights like an airplane would exhibit, the object appeared to take an extremely sharp 90 degree turn to the south, then suddenly vanished. The only other object in the sky was an airline directly to my north, the object and the airline were separated by at least 50-75 miles. The orange star like object simply vanished. The skies were mostly clear, with a few high lingering clouds, but no layer of overcast. I continued watching the general area for another few minutes to see if the object would reappear, but the object never reappeared. The object was bright orange, and the color was not like that of anything in the sky at this time, or any time that I can remember. I’ve never seen an orange light in the sky. It was not an afterburner of an Air Force Jet, because if that were the case, I would have heard the jet engine going into afterburner stage, plus, the shape of the object remained star-like, vs. an Air Force Jet, which when engaging the afterburner, leaves a very pattern in the sky, which is can only be duplicated by another fighter jet.
I know what I saw, but I cannot explain what it was that I saw. It wasn’t a plane, or a jet, or anything like that. It was a bright orange star, that made an abrupt 90 degree turn, then vanished. Period.

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