UFO Sightings for 2014 Continue an Upward Trend

New York State UFO Sightings (Graph)

By Cheryl Costa

     Who knew UFO Sightings for 2014 for New York would be continuing an upward trend?

Typically the New York winter months are cold weather with overcast skies, this usually impacts the number of UFO sightings in our lovely state. Surprisingly, January and February sightings logged this year were double the usual amount for the dead of winter. Both national reporting databases showed higher than normal amounts of bright fire ball type UFOs.

March and April sightings were about 25% above normal levels. May, June July, were at the usual levels, but August and September turned out to be the high season for sightings this year, with 13% above normal sighting levels. Add to that October was 59% higher than is common. Finally, November and December were at customary sighting counts for the holiday season. . . .

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