Alien Encounter in San Luis Obisbo, California on October 15th 2002 – Awoke by beings in my bedroom

One night at approximately at 3:35 AM I was awoke by 3 and a half foot beings touching me. They started by tapping hard on my feet and up my body until one tapped my face, then I sat up in my bed and saw what it was a 3’6″ humanoid being wearing a flat black hooded robe with a seem less helmet covering the beings facial features. I began to scream but no noise came out, I tried to move my arms and body but I was paralyzed sitting up I felt one on the side of my bed but could not turn my head to see it so I focused my eyes on the being at the foot of my bed and tried to fight to move so I could run or scream but no luck . As fear overtook my senses the being at the foot of my bed became translucent and then disappeared. I gained control of my body as soon as the being disappeared the whole event lasted 2 to 3 minutes but I believe I was either being returned from an abduction or about to be abducted. I felt extreme fear, but also felt some what sedated, and exhausted. I was sharing the dorm room with my room mate and I woke him up and told him what I saw then asked if he would wave his hands around through the room to see if they were there but invisible so we did and found nothing. Several months later my room mate saw a being around the same time at night in the same room. I was not there for his event. This all took place at a army base in San Luis Obisbo 400 feet from a helicopter landing pad . The Army was completely not aware of the event on the base and I was to scared of repercussions if I reported it to anyone . Not one airplane or helicopter in the sky. The beings gained access to the army base without any detection. Before my experience I never believed in life outside of earth. I never saw a UFO that night I did look outside into the sky for evidence, but no UFO.

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