Are Nordic Aliens Demons – Counterfeit For The Angels?

Are Nordic Aliens Demons ? Counterfeit For The Angels? | Johnthewitness
UFO Casebook – My relationship with a NORdic alien
Proof of nordic alien females?, page 21

Any thoughts on the subject of aliens being demons? Any race/ET entity being a demon(s)?
I myself am still unsure when it comes to facing this issue. I am not Christian, nor particularly religious, but I do believe in God.

People from all backgrounds consistently pose that any entity/ET from realms or places which we are unsure of are deceptive cloaks, or an evil spiritual/psychic manifestation?

Here is a post below one of the blog pieces that deflates this idea.

”You people have far too much time on your hands. You think that anything that hasn’t been written in that book is the work of the Devil. It’s THIS mentality in Christians that has caused so much destruction over the past 2000 years. If you can’t accept anything that isn’t within the confines of a small book, than you are bound to conflict with 99% of the things you see around you, because they are not written in the Bible either. I hope one day they find a cure for your disease cause frankly, I can’t handle this Christian nonsense anymore. I have seen far too many people suffer because of what you people do, while you think that you are helping. That, in this world’s definition, is Psychosis. To intend good while causing extreme bad. Christianity was built specifically as a way in without a way out, leaving the religion, entailing quite the punishment. Not being able to read other books for fear of Demonic manipulation? Looking from the outside all one can see is a book that was designed to trap people into a one-way form of belief that would inhibit extreme denial of anything outside it, out of Fear and only Fear. It will take you all a very long time to see things as they are meant to be seen, but when you do, you can dig up my reply and thank me. This sad charade has been killing all free will and the ability to evolve into a more advanced consciousness, which is our Duty as humans. To learn and get smarter. Belief: To accept something regardless of proof. This notion is extremely dangerous.”

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