UFO Sighting in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania on May 31st 2011 – Looked up & saw a disc shaped craft that was NOT any aircraft I've seen before

We (my wife & I) were sitting on our deck with one of our parrots (they can spot jets in the sky even at pinpoints) and Sid (the parrot on my shoulder) started “chirppering – they do that when they detect ‘danger’ like hawks OR to them anything in the sky) – so I looked up expecting to see a jet (cause we live near philly airport) but instead saw a VERY LARGE disc moving silently over our house….and there were jets in the sky at the time. How they didn’t see it is beyond me. It was huge from our perspective – seemed much higher than than the normal jet traffic we see. My guessimate….easily a mile wide. Also, we live within sight of the Limerick Nuclear Plant (not saying that makes a difference). I know flying aircraft…this was NOT one.

I need to add the (to me) weird part – at the time the moon was up but the ‘light’ parts of the moon blended in with the sky….and the craft we saw was the same way – we could see the outline and a center circle but mostly blended with the color of the sky. Anyone see that too ?

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