UFO Sighting in Allentown, Pennsylvania on November 15th 2014 – They were three shadows.

I was in back of my house , when I decided to take a smoke then I look up to see if the moon was out that night, then that’s when I saw three black round object flying next to each other , no lights, no sound and flying about the speed of at least 200 or more per hours, so as I ran to the front of my house I notice that the 3 object was still speeding , I call my wife to come and see this object, but by the time she came down they were gone. Later that night I was thinking to myself what I just witness, I didn’t want people to think aim crazy so I kept this to myself, my wife kept asking me what I saw, but I couldn’t tell her what I saw in the sky, I usually don’t believe in stuff like that, but what I saw was real not a dream, what is going on in this world. The objects appeared to move towards northeast heading east at a fast paste , I coul’nt believe my eyes so I soon as I saw them I ran to the front of my house to get a better view, then I saw them move faster but small, they were gone, I know the differents between airplanes, weather balloons, and helicopters , no this was something different , not from here. I did a little research and notice that they got two army base in the area, but don’t think is military. Please help me realize what I saw was real… I can’t be losing my mind.

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