UFO Sighting in Arizona on January 5th 2015 – star like light appeared, got bright, flashed, dissappeard. repeated multiple times. moved slowly

@ about 10pm, AZ time i was standing in my room, total darkness, and looking out my window. All of a sudden a light showed up, about 45 degrees above horizon, and was the same size and brilliance of a night star until it flashed bright and then returned to regular brilliance. It was the same kind of flash like if you saw a lighthouse light at sea sweeping in front of your eye. Not blinding but bright enough to know it was flashing beight. Yellow gold reddish in color. The light after fading, would then just dissappear. Like it almost got turned off. This happened over 15min and cycled like this about 8 times. When the light went off and then reappeared it would show up in a different spot just a little further away from its previous location. It slowly drifted like this until not visible again. 2 airplanes flew past this light or at least appeared to, 1 on each side, which allowed us to see the difference in lighting from regular aircraft. .faa flashing lights, and whatever this was.

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