UFO Sighting in Lodge Grass, Montana on December 22nd 2014 – Ufo deceiving us into driving spots where we could see several ufos and eventually one following us until the sun came up

Around 2-3 Am myself and two other individuals were hunting on our reservation. We had stopped to wait for another vehicle to meet up and go into an area we were intereested in. As soon as we met up, the vehicle (our friends) began driving to a high spot. We eventually began to follow the other vehicle we lost them, which was no big deal. We then saw some headlights in the distance on a spot opposite from where our meeting spot was. We then started to pursue the headlights which were something that freak us out later, when we drove up the hill and only acceablie way to where we thought was our friends. When we made it to the higher level there were no cars whats so ever, we then saw the headlights flashi once on a much higher plateau which confused the hell out of us because the highth and the time it would take to get to the top of this plateau was freaky fast. When we got half way up to where the plateau was we saw a car coming down from our meeting spot from earlier which freaked us out thinking it was a farmer following us but all along it was our friends vehicle. But at this point we still think we’re following our friends, and we finally make it to the top to find no one at all we were confused we all had very good binoculars and we saw the car that we thought was farmers finally make it up to where we were. By this time we had seen multiple ufos that were stationary that balls of light begin to move in odd maneuvers to the east of us and we could clearly see that they were moving miles and miles a direction and turning around and going back miles and miles from where we saw them and began to be stationary. We were convinced we followed a UFO that led us up on the plateua. We saw the car approach us and eventually seeing it was our friends car. We were terrified because we thought we were following them and when we began looking above we saw which to me and the rest of us in the car thought was a UFO right above us which looked completely different from the ones on the horizon. We stayed up there from about 4-sun up when it was dark we could see tail lights show up out of know where from about 2-3 miles away now these we weird red lights there were standard 2 red lights like a car but had another red light of to the right like an right triangles vertices. The weird thing is we didn’t see no headlights at all!! We had miles and miles of vantage view and did no see no headlights move in a traditional way. These lights just showed up and dissapared we waited untill light and saw no cars. There was one way up and one way out. The morning came and all dissapeared except for one, the one above us, the only light in the sky. I’m pretty familiar with the brightest stars in the sky and Orion had passed the horizon east of us and the brightest stars dicipated from the sun but this one followed us every where untill we shrugged them off and began hunting. There was a building up top and had a tower that had telephone satellites the tower was far too short for regulation blinking lights for a warning to airplanes. It was odd/thrilling/ exciting to the point I was petrified to take a piss haha the funny thing is when we were done hunting we told our friends we went so high up there to follow them and they were confused and laughing saying we got tricked by a UFO. We had very good binoculars and two high scoped riles so we were not looking with the naked eye. Although it was dark, this area where we were was pretty rural( no houses in sight for miles) I believe they landed because these things were manipulating themselves into cars literally or deceiving us. There was no drinking or drugs Involved.

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