Black Triangle Sighting in San Bernardino, California on January 6th 2015 – Pulsating Rainbow lights on unknown flying object subjecting viewer to Psyhological and Technical attacks

Tonight I was having my nightly cigarette and noticed the mysterious anomalies afloat in the night sky. As the moon rose even they stay firm in their place in the Earth’s Atmosphere.
My account of it all was over a course of months we have observed pulsating colours in the sky, From a far it looks like a Plane or Helicopter would, or a star or just a Dot you could even say. We tried to use a scope many times to zoom in and both we could even tell it was nor a plane or helicopter or a drone, we know what all 3 do and their capabilities, we are educated people. The lights pulsed from Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, and Pink. There were 3 in the Sky nearly in alignment, each pulsing in sequences to each other in what looked to be a communicative pattern, not to mention as they puled they seemed to respond in colour patterns to each’s own. Sometimes when we felt messages were not being sent or transceived they would all pulsate at the same pace and colours together sometimes. If we could zoom in closer we could make out a shape of what seemed to be either a disc or triangle. The colours would also outline the shape of the craft as they pulsed, each light pulsing in a specific spot.
I then felt a massive head ache come on which was completely abnormal and instantaneous as the craft drew closer. IT IS HERE NIGHTLY. NEVER LEAVES. We have no pictures but the evidence lies in the sky. Also on one account when it DID disappear once a few months ago, it slowly and silently flew over our house, if it were a plane we could have heard it, even if it were a helicopter, but it was silent, fast and suddenly shot out of sight as if it were the Millennium falcon going into hyperspeed. It is visible from sundown through the night, They fly a short distance and stop, as if they are observing things, They cast long craft to Earth beams at times in the mountains that appear Golden/Yellowy orange and what seems to be abductions from afar. The numbers are growing and we feel there is an invasion or incoming invasion of our area. They stay steady nightly.
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