Alien Abduction Research

Greetings humans!! I am doing research on alien abductions as a stepping stone in the further development of my own theory. I am not particularly interested in first hand accounts as I will not have the ability or means to interview witness myself. I am looking for additional information from other researchers of this subject.

I am currently reading “The Threat” by Dr. David Jacobs, I have all of Budd Hopkins’ books, and I have all of Karla Turner’s books. Is there any other reliable and trust worthy literature that you guys have read out there?

I am also partial to any documentaries/radio shows/podcasts because I am in constant need of something to help me wind down before bed. I need this information to not be too leading. I can’t stress that enough…I need research that is pure and holds rich and reliable sources. No offense, but nothing like that criminal Erich Von Daniken…though his theories may be entertaining, he would not be a good example of a reliable researcher.

Thank you in advance for any/all of your help. :thumbs:

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