UFO Sighting in Madison, Maine on July 3rd 2013 – It flew left to right then stopped in line with street. hovered for up to 4 minutes then flew left till out of sight

Driving east down Pine street in Madison and saw what I thought were fireworks or a flare. But it stopped exactly in middle of street and I stopped car and thought that is no flare. It was just above trees and I watched it for like 2 to 3 minutes, then cars coming the other way made me move forward to side of street. Rolled down window and heard nothing. After another minute or so it moved north or to my left the same direction it came. I drove forward and it was at my 90 degrees so my distance is pretty accurate. I quickly made two left turn and heading into town with it on my right. While it was at my 90 degrees it was moving slow and steady off to the north or to the schools direction, and out of sight. I saw two guys walking and went to gas station and told the guy I saw something odd, to say the least. Then the two guys walked in and I asked did you see that light and they said yeah what was that, I said it was a little ball of fire. Oh I was an aircraft crew chief in the Air Force for almost 12 years, so I know what I saw.

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