UFO Sighting in Tustin, California on January 7th 2015 – Smoking and saw a ufo strait up.

Ok first I was craving a cigarerte. I went out to my car to get a pack I had left. I then went to sit at the stairs by my apartment and was looking at my phone listening to music and smoking. When I finished I decided to stay out for a minute and look up at the sky. I had always remembered that if you look hard enough your eyes will adjust and you can see better. I noticed when I looked up I could see an actual satalite. I then started to look lower in the sky. I then saw a white light that look like a planet. It 2 feint lights protruding a feint beem on each side but I eventually stopped looking at it because it wasn’t moving. Ok. THEN i saw a a strait up orange object that was slightly similar to the white one but much closer and lower in the sky from my point of view. It was moving in a strait line and caught all of my attention. I could see it very very clearly. The moon was very bright and I could almost see good detail of it. I knew it wasn’t anything else other than a ufo. I know for a fact it was one. It was a saucer. Not an airplane or any of that. I do live by John Wayne but I know it wasn’t an “identified” fo. Pleae email a response if you have any questions.

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