UFO Witnessed by Thousands of Residents Over Gualeguaychú, Argentina

Thousands of Residents Witness UFO Over Gualeguaychú, Argentina 12-30-2014

By www.noticiasvillaguay.com.ar

     Thousands of residents of Gualeguaychú left their homes to see a white light across the sky of that city and remained for a few minutes.

The strange apparition prompted many comments on social networks, where there was discussion about what the object was, which someone described as “a white light, large, and green underneath.”

“It attracted much attention. There was no sound, it went over our house. At times it would turn off; after a few seconds it turned back on. We just saw a light; it was not a drone or a helicopter …, “ described a reader of the newspaper El Dia.

Others, more skeptical, claimed that it was a weather balloon, and another insisted on the theory of a “drone”, i.e., unmanned flying object maneuvered by remote control.

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