UFO Sighting in Grass Valley, California on March 1st 1977 – round ball of fire

Hello, I hope this info I am to share with you gets reviewed. My name is Paul I, and about 35 years ago I saw a 15 foot round ball of fire on a hill at night during a rain storm 150 yards from where I saw sleeping, went out to investigate the spot where I saw the fire ball the morning and saw an impression in the gravel/dirt, the location was an old gold mine in Northern CA. 25 years had passed and I had an alien chip implant self-extract from by back, it was a small blackish/brown roundish 1/8″ ovoid hard as a rock ball with white veins, just like Dr Leir had filmed and reported. 6 months later I found 2 steel studs on the top of my head that are still there. About 1 year later I woke up with dried blood behind my left ear, 3 months later I found 4 small alien chips in my outer edge of my left ear lobe that are still there. Every 2 weeks for the past 2 years I have my left ear go bizerk with what sounds like a machine is downloading info from me with all kinds of radio signal sounds. 8 months ago I was sleeping and was woken up around 2 am by a warm round bright beam of light was scanning over my body and I could not move but felt no danger and kind of a peaceful feeling, 5 weeks ago the same thing happened. 3 weeks ago I woke in the night to go to the bathroom and I saw a 3 finger glow in the dark hand print on the door frame to the bathroom, the left hand print hand had two 5″ long fingers with bulbous finger tips and 1 fat long thumb, the 2 long fingers were bright red glow in the dark with orange veins and the thumb was glow in the dark orange with red veins, I turned on the light to see it and it disappeared then turn off the light and sure enough it was there, I starred at it for about 15 minutes and the next day it was gone, too hard to photograph. Several times the door to the outside is found open in the morning with no explanation. I am sure more things will happen again.

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